Grow against the grain with the first new herbicide tolerant canola mode of action in decades.

Our innovative, non-transgenic hybrids were developed with your farm in mind. See how Falco™ stacks up against the competition.

Rapid innovation. Cutting-edge technology. Better profits.

Falco™ offers growers exceptional hybrids with lower herbicide input costs.

Sulfonylurea-tolerant, non-transgenic and high-yielding, our hybrids are easy to manage and pair well with Draft® herbicide for exceptional weed control that’s easy on crops. Read on to see how Falco™ stacks up against the competition.


  • Consistent performing hybrid that withstand turbulence in a variety of conditions
  • Performs well across geographies


  • Our product for tough environments


  • Top yielding: fit for acres that have high production potential
  • A day later maturing than 68K, to take advantage of full season yield potential

Falco™ New Grower Rebate

  • All new Falco customers or those who did not grow Falco canola in 2018 or 2019 qualify for the Falco New Grower Rebate of $100 per bag.
  • All qualifying growers must sign the Cibus Innovation Agreement (to be provided by Cibus prior to seed delivery).
  • The deadline to participate in the Falco New Grower Rebate is June 30, 2020.


Programs will be reconciled by AgData using sales data collected from Data Dimensions.
Cibus will reimburse the grower via AGDATA $100 per bag for the total bags that are sold after seed reconciliation is completed in October 2020.
All volume calculations for the Falco New Grower Rebate are net of returns.



Falco™ & Draft® Herbicide: A Revolutionary Combination

Developed through our partnership with Rotam™, Draft® herbicide offers Falco™ growers a powerful option for new weed control. A Group 2 herbicide, Draft® is economical, easy to use and easy on crops. Use it to control Roundup Ready® canola volunteers and a wide variety of broadleaf and glyphosate-resistant weeds.

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Falco™ is the Commercial Seed Brand of Cibus™

Falco Commercial Seed Division of Cibus
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