Trait development at an unprecedented speed.

Our proprietary Rapid Trait Development System™ (RTDS) uses a toolbox of techniques to develop new traits in crops. These techniques do not include the introduction of foreign DNA to a plant, but instead contain proprietary methods that work individually or together as a system. As a result, Falco™ non-transgenic varieties and hybrids are plant breeds that could easily occur in nature — but thanks to RTDS™, they can be developed much faster.


How Cibus™ Gene Editing Works

To describe the Cibus™ RTDS™ technology, think of words and letters in a sentence. 
DNA is made up of nucleotides that code for proteins.
Both can be symbolized by letters.

When letters are put together in the right order, they create a word or sentence that makes sense to the plant. For example, consider the sentence “Visit the farm.”  

TranSgenic Breeding To breed transgenic crops, pieces of foreign DNA are added to a plant to change a trait or characteristic. This is similar to adding a new word, like “dairy,” to change your sentence to “Visit the dairy farm.”  

RTDS™ Unlike transgenic breeding techniques, Cibus™ does not integrate any foreign DNA. Instead, our proprietary gene editing technique directs more precise changes to influence the desired trait. This change can be likened to replacing a single letter in a word. For instance, “Visit the farm” becomes “Visit the firm” This single letter change is similar to genetic mutations that happen in nature.  


Traditional Timeline Developing new varieties using traditional plant breeding techniques takes an average of 10 years and can cost approximately $130 million to develop.  

RTDS™ Timeline Because RTDS™ relies on the natural process of cell repair to influence the development of new characteristics, a new variety can take five years to come to market at a significantly lower cost.  

See RTDS™ in action

Meet Falco™, brought to you by Cibus™.

This sulfonylurea-tolerant canola offers high yields and excellent weed control, and it will soon be joined by a number of other innovative hybrids as our product pipeline continues to grow.


Falco™ is the Commercial Seed Brand of Cibus™

Falco Commercial Seed Division of Cibus
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