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Three Reasons to Grow Falco™ Canola in 2020

Three Reasons to Grow Falco™ Canola in 2020

If you’re curious about how to fit Falco™ canola into your 2020 crop rotation, we’ve got you covered. Read on for three reasons to choose Falco™ and a few tips to help you make the most of our 68K and 79K canola hybrids.


An excellent rotational option

Falco™ hybrids are sulfonylurea (SU) tolerant and pair well with Draft®, a Group 2 herbicide designed specifically for use with the Falco™ canola system. This mode of action is seldom used in canola rotations, so it can be an excellent stewardship option, especially if your crop rotation includes glyphosate-tolerant crops like soybeans and corn.

“In this rotation, SU canola volunteers are easier to control than glyphosate tolerant canola volunteers,” says Falco™ Field Agronomy Manager Mike Hutton. Draft also has no re-cropping restrictions, providing growers with additional flexibility in rotation planning.

Pro Tip: Use Falco™ in rotation with glyphosate-tolerant crops to manage volunteers and keep fields clean.

More ways to manage resistance

In addition to fitting well into a glyphosate-tolerant crop rotation, Falco™ canola is compatible with a number of broadleaf herbicide options. Herbicides used in the Falco™ SU canola system include Draft™ (Group 2), Edge® MicroActiv® (Group 3) and Draft™ CT (a co-pack of Group 2 and 4 herbicides). That means Falco™ growers have the tools they need to deal with a variety of weeds and manage resistance.

“As canola rotations have become tighter, it has become more important to use all the tools available, from multiple modes of action to crop rotation, to maintain their effectiveness,” says Hutton. “We continue to build our system to incorporate more herbicide diversity and flexibility.”

Pro Tip: Take advantage of the Falco™ canola system of diverse chemistry options to fight weeds and manage resistance on your farm.

Rewards good stewardship

The spread of herbicide-resistant weeds is a growing concern throughout Canada — and an issue the Falco™ team does not take lightly. “It’s important for us to encourage good stewardship practices,” says Hutton. The Falco™ Stewardship Incentive Offer helps reduce the cost of adding another mode of action into your herbicide rotation. In doing so, the program promotes multiple modes of action at different herbicide timings as part of a solid resistance management and land stewardship program.

For the 2019-2020 season, growers who purchase Falco™ canola seed, Draft™ herbicide and Edge® MicroActiv® between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020 can receive up to $5 per acre back. That means you can save on crop inputs while maximizing your yield and managing resistance.

Pro Tip: The Stewardship Incentive is a great way to save on seed and herbicide purchases you’d already be making.


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