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Bringing Innovation and Change to Canadian Ag

Bringing Innovation and Change to Canadian Ag

Falco™ Seed is kicking it into high gear! We’ve got a ton of exciting announcements to share as we grow our Canadian team and bring new canola technologies to growers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

In February, we hired Norm Sissons as our new Director of Marketing based in our Winnipeg, Manitoba office. Norm brings over 20 years of experience in agriculture, with career highlights including a variety of leadership roles with Monsanto in Canada and U.S., and most recently, his time in Switzerland as a Global Crop Business Head in Syngenta. We are excited to have Norm on the Cibus team, where he will use his global ag expertise to help bring new, innovative products to market!

With the addition of Norm and other important folks, our growing team is relocating to a larger office at the University of Manitoba. Our new location is a major hub for agricultural research and has been home to many big names in Canadian ag. It’s a very exciting move, and we plan to take full advantage of our new location’s capabilities as we build our pipeline and push the limits of Canadian ag.

Speaking of our new products, we’re proud to launch our second canola variety registered in Canada for the 2020 growing season! 79K is a high-yielding canola hybrid, offering mid-season maturity and sulfonylurea (SU) herbicide tolerance. Paired with Draft™ herbicide by Rotam®, 79K offers exceptional weed control and crop safety, and offers the benefit of no re-cropping restrictions. 79K is our best-performing variety yet and offers growers premium contract opportunities thanks to its non-transgenic status or can be grown and marketed as commodity canola.

Though we’ve been hard at work bringing these new canola varieties to market, this is just the beginning. We have big plans, and we are 100% invested in the long-term future of Canadian agriculture. Keep your eye out for exciting program offers coming from Falco™  this fall!

And of course, if you’re interested in learning more about Falco™ Seed and 79K, or have any questions about our offerings, reach out to your local Falco™ rep.

Falco™ is the Commercial Seed Brand of Cibus™

Falco Commercial Seed Division of Cibus
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